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  • Oracle Applications Patching !!!!!!!
    Monday, June 23, 2008
    How to apply patch in 11i instance and which order we need to apply?

    We can apply patch with adpatch utility. i.e – adpatch driver=u203793.drv
    If patch consists of copy driver, database driver, and generate driver then order is
    c.drv – Copying of files
    d.drv – Database updating
    g.drv – Generation of files

    What all are the patch components?

    Read me files:
    Before apply to patch read associated read me file carefully
    Contains patch application instructions
    Also may contain manual steps
    Patch driver files :
    Traditional patches: Copy driver, Database driver, Generate driver.
    Newer patches: unified driver which combines the action of the copy, database and generate drivers in a single consolidated driver.
    Replacement files: Copied over existing files
    These files are listed in the copy driver and replace the forms, reports, SQL scripts, HTML files, object modules and etc.
    Adpatch make a backup before replacement of any file
    Patch metadata files: Contains key patch information
    Metadata files are used by the AD utilities to determine prerequisite patches, analyze the impact of the patch on the system.
    Compare versions of the files in the patch with those of files in the system.
    SQL Scripts: Scripts to modify the database
    Run to perform updates
    Scripts are called by the database driver

    Note: You read the read me file before applying any patch.

    What is Auto Patch?

    It is utility that automates many patching tasks for oracle applications
    It is used to apply oracle applications patches
    Compares version numbers before replacing a file to ensure the most recent file is used
    It doesn’t change files if those on the file system are more recent then the ones in a patch
    Makes a backup copy before replacing any file
    It doesn’t run database tasks that have already been performed
    It unloads patch metadata and verifies prerequisite patches have been applied
    It reads and validates the patch driver files
    It relinks executables
    It generates java archive (JAR) files
    It compiles JSP files
    It updates database objects
    It compiles invalid objects
    It runs AutoConfig to update configuration files, If any template files are introduced or updated by the patch.
    It saves patch history information to the database
    It is platform aware, If u try to apply a sun Solaris specific patch on windows system, AutoPatch fails

    What is needed to be considering before applying a patch?

    Take a cold backup of oracle applications as well as database if it possible
    Bounce the applications tier
    Enable maintenance mode with adadmin utility
    Create patch top directory
    Download patch and unzip the patch under patch top directory
    Make sure there is space in file system to apply patch
    Merge all product specific patches
    posted by Jaswinder Singh @ 5:00 AM  
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